Tides They are a Changin’

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It’s funny. Sometime these little precise phrases come to my mind right before bed. Usually they stick with me as my theme for yoga classes that week, sometimes they linger for contemplation for much longer. A few nights ago this was the phrase that started to grow buds inside my heart/head.

“Impermanence is a blessing”.

As a culture (myself included) we love the idea of change except when we want something to stay put or the same. Looks, relationship ring a bell? There is a baby-bird-falling-out-of-the-nest kinda of feeling that arises when the change happens suddenly and without our approval. Things have been shifting radically within my yoga community and this dramatic change has birthed some of the greatest beauty to date. At the same time it caused a great deal of sadness and discomfort. Luckily, just like high tide, the sadness and hurt can only hang around for so long. What I’ve found though, is that as the sadness pulls back into the ocean of potential, the beauty remains.

The wildly beautiful and sometimes (read often) scary part is that we don’t get to choose a lot of the time. Nature, life has her way with us and that is that. We can be dragged along kicking and screaming against the change or we can welcome it with open arms knowing that the alternative of life being a “static thing” would be very boring.

How do we find comfort in a world that is always changing? Knowing that there may be a Tsunami size wave behind a nice 3-4 footer. To be honest, I have had some very decent size swells reach my shore lately. For me, in the constant shifting of life and all it’s relationships, it’s what’s inside. It on many days feels like a warm ember of a bonfire totally protected from the damp ocean breeze. Things grow, things die, day comes, night falls..the ember inside is still there unaffected. If can be a refuge of comfort and support, if we let it.

Every day I go to our cove to paddle out, the shore looks different. Sometimes a little and sometimes a  lot. I welcome the change, that change is easy to embrace. Mother Nature shape shifting herself in those subtle ways. My hope is to find that ease and welcome for the changes that are unexpected or uncomfortable.

Just like doing a headstand on a paddle board. It’s just gonna take more practice.

With Love,

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