Glide Bliss Yoga Board

The original Glide bliss board is designed for yoga – extra wide, thick, and stable.  The board is made of a unique polymer blend that is stronger than fiberglass and epoxy. This special polymer allows the user to keep the board looking new with out the worry of repairs.  Features include an extra long, soft deck pad with bliss graphics, a locking hole, and center fin. Use includes scratching on the deck pad plus partial delamination by handle.

Length: 10′   Width: 34″, thickness: 5″      $250


9’11 Boardworks Joy Ride

The Joy Ride is a full soft deck board designed with stability and fun in mind. At 33″ wide, with flat rockers and thick foils, this board is sure to please the paddler looking for a stable platform, perfect for beginners transitioning through to intermediate levels. The Joy Rides are also shorter respectively, making it easy to maneuver, transport, and store. The Joy Ride is also really fun in small mushy surf. Be it on a lake, river, or in the ocean, these boards will to put the Joy in your Ride!


  • Smooth and durable EPX bottom and rails, and croc skin EVA foam deck
  • EVA foam layer provides a comfortable and safe ride while the hard, EPX bottom and rails allow for fast smooth paddling
  • Ideal for bringing kids or pets on the water, or trying SUP yoga

10′ Mermaid Hybrid Sup

Awesome board for paddling and yoga.  Features an extra long, black grooved deck pad.  Bamboo top and bottom with turquoise rails and 3 fin set up.  Mermaid bliss graphic.  Repaired once in the nose.

Length: 10′, Width: 33″


Odyssey Touring Paddle Board

From mellow afternoon paddles to long flat water tours, the Odyssey Tour SUP Paddleboard is the fast stable platform you need to do it all. Made with a lightweight EPS foam core and durable epoxy lamination, this board is easy to carry and maneuver while being amazingly ding resistant, and featuring a cargo system on the deck, you can bring all your gear along for the ride. The displacement hull design has a sharp nose that cuts through wind chop and a flat rocker profile that glides across glassy conditions, and with full rails and a single fin setup, you’ll stay stable no matter what waterway you’re paddling down.  Also includes tie down points for bungees.

Length: 11′, Width: 31″


used odyssey touring paddle board

used odyssey touring paddle board

used odyssey touring paddle board